Concert Compositions

Principal works include:

Violin Concerto (for Stephen Bryant, now leader, BBC Symphony Orchestra, also performedby David Juritz).


Christmas Overture (orchestra, piano, organ) (for the St. Bartholemew’s Hospital Orchestra, London, commissioned by Prof. John Lumley and first performed at the Albert Hall, 1984)

'Centennial' overture (composed for the centenary of the Royal College of Music, 1983)
Two Liturgical Masses (choir and organ)

String Sextet

Wind Quintet

Meditation for Brass Quintet and Organ

Oboe Sonata (for Alan Garner)

Piano Solo works including “Music Enters Softly” (1994),(in current repertoire of Ian Brown and Leo de Bono)

Songs and smaller Choral Works (mainly private commissions).

Theme and Variations for Bassoon and String Quartet
A rag-time score for Surrey County Youth Theatre's June 1996 production of  “Twelfth Night” at the Epsom Playhouse.

Requiem Mass ( soprano and baritone solos, choir, orchestra, organ) (broadcast May 2000,

-BBC Radio South West, cond. R Lee)


Suite for wind orchestra

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